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College Structure

Alberta College Regulation

Administration Structure of Alberta College

Regulations on Alberta College Council

Regulations on Alberta College Students Council

Regulations of Alberta College on Academic and Administrative posts

Regulations of Admission Commission at Alberta College

Development and Planning

Development Strategy of Alberta College

Scientific Research and Innovation Development Strategy 2019 – 2024

Quality Assurance Policy of Alberta College

Alberta College  Academic Staff Development Plan 2019 – 2023

Alberta College Staff Evaluation Plan

Alberta College Staff Motivation System and Evaluation Plan

Development Strategy for Alberta College Study Direction

International Regulations

Internal Regulations for Students at Alberta College

Regulations on Alberta College Library Use

Ethical and Academic Integrity Code of Alberta College

International Regulations

Rules on Admission at Alberta College

Regulation on the Procedure of Studies and Examinations

Regulations on the Acknowledgement of Knowledge Acquired in Previous Education and Beyond Formal Education or Accomplishments in Professional Experience

Guidelines on Inependent Assignments

Alberta College Procedure of Organizing E-learning

Regulation of Alberta College on Curriculum Development, Implementation Supervision and Improvement

Alberta College Guidelines for Description of the Study Course

Regulations of  Alberta College on Procedure for Exchange Programs


Regulations on  Students Study Fee and Other Payments at Alberta College

Regulations on Staff Salary at Alberta College





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